•  General Databases & Resources
    Explora combines several databases for your research needs.  Start here when you need a wide variety of results. 
    MAS Ultra
    Search MAS Ultra for magazine articles written for high school students about topics in history and science.
     Middle Search Plus Middle Search Plus will give you results from Middle school level resources including biographies, history, and primary resources.  
    Newspaper Source
    Search Newspaper Source for full text results from more than 40 national and international newspapers.  
      Learning Express Use Learning Express to access job and career information and practice tests for the SAT and ACT. 
    Students will make their own log-in once on the Learning Express page.


  • Why Do I Have to Cite My Sources? 
     Creative Commons
    Creative Commons is an alternative to copyright. CC Licenses are becoming more and more common.  Knowing these symbols can help you know how you are legally able to use an image. 
    The United States copyright office website can help you to better understand how copyright works and why it matters. 
  • Specific Topic Databases 
    Science Reference Center
    Topics covered in the SRC include biology, chemistry, earth & space science, environmental science, life science, physics, scientists, technology and wildlife.
    Rosen Teen
    Use Rosen Teen Health and Wellness to find real life answers to questions about medical and social health. 

  • Reliable Websites for Research
    Biography.com Choose Biography.com when you need to find information about people in history or people who are well-known today.  
    The Library of Congress is an excellent resource for primary sources.  Choose this site if you are looking for historical documents.

    All Sides presents news stories from several perspectives- giving students the opportunity to see how an issue is viewed from left, right, and center.  procon
    ProCon is the best choice when you want find both pros and cons of an issue.  This site may be especially helpful when writing an argumentative paper.

  • Sites to Use for Citation
    Easy Bib Button
    Make citation, well, easy with EasyBib.  Enter some basic information and EasyBib will format it for you!
    Owl Button
    Use Purdue Owl to find formatting for APA or MLA citation.  In addition to this, Purdue OWL offers writing guidelines.  

     But, I Just Want to Use Google... 

    Google Launch
    Google can be a great place to start your research.  If you are going to use resources you find via a Google search, it is important to perform a test of reliability on the sources you are considering.  Please see the TRAAP test to the right to help you choose your resources. TRAAP Test