• The Saint Joseph School District's web platform is built upon the Schoolwires Centricity2 platform. For help editing the sections, pages, and apps you have access to as as a faculty member of the SJSD, consult the following short-cut cards and links. You may also message the Instructional Technology Specialist Team at instructional.technology@sjsd.k12.mo.us. Your classroom's online presence is not only a crucial communications tool for our community, but it provides us the ability to begin modeling responsible online communications and practices for the children of St. Joseph. in 2012 and beyond, this is not merely a nice thing to know, it is an essential thing to know.
    Accessing your teacher section(s):
    1. Sign in to your SiteSite Manager displays on the MyStartBar
    2. Click Site Manager. The Section Workspace displays in Site Manager.
    3. The Content Browser on the left displays other workspaces for which you have Editorial Privileges. Each can be accessed from here.
    Working With the Section Editor: PDF HELP CARD
    Working With the Page Editor: PDF HELP CARD 
    Best Practices for Teacher Sections: PDF HELP CARD
    Best Practices for Pages & Apps: PDF HELP CARD
    Working With Photos & Images in Schoolwires: WEB LINK for learning to Resize, Crop, etc.  
    Comprehensive Schoolwires Section Editor Workbook: PDF DOCUMENT (55 pages)
    As always, the "How do I...?" tab above is ready and awaiting further inquiry into making your classroom's online presence as dynamic as possible. In addition to the documents linked above, the entire body of help cards, tips, guides, and webinars are available to you at any moment as you work with your section of the SJSD website.